DUI Checkpoint In Barbour County

The West Virginia State Police will set up a DUI checkpoint near Belington tonight, April 28, from 7 pm- 1 am. The checkpoint will be located on US Route 250, Crim Avenue, between Audra Road and Shank Street.

If you have been stopped at a DUI checkpoint, or just have any questions regarding the legality of DUI checkpoints in West Virginia, please contact West Virginia DUI attorney Jason Glass of the Glass Defense Firm for more information.

Forensic Tests Are Flawed

The Justice Department has found that defendants were left uninformed after flaws were found in the forensic testing that was instrumental in charging or convicting them of crimes.


This illustrates why it is so important for criminal defense attorneys to take the time and learn the science behind these tests and the correct testing procedures and protocol. These flaws are not limited to just DNA tests or hair sample analysis, but are prevalent as well in breath and blood testing in DUI cases.

This is where attorney Jason Glass has a leg up on some of the other criminal defense attorneys in West Virginia. Mr. Glass has a bachelor’s degree in biology and thus has an understanding of the science and procedure used in many forensic tests. During his undergraduate years, Mr. Glass focused on molecular biology, and recombinant DNA technology in specific. He has conducted several DNA tests, some of the processes similar to those used by forensic labs. Mr. Glass is also 1 of only 2 attorneys in the entire state to receive training on the Intoximeter EC/IR II, the breath machine used in the state of West Virginia.

So if your case involves blood testing, breath testing, or any other type of forensic analysis, contact Jason Glass today. He’s the CLEAR choice for criminal defense in West Virginia.